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Select a program below to download a PDF application. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability and submit via mail or email to:

Horse Warriors™

P.O. Box 602

Jackson, WY 83001

- OR -

P.O. Box 1331

Thayne, WY 83127

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Every year Horse Warriors™ creates newsletters showcasing our programs,

horse of the year, insights, student art, and more!

Below are links to download a PDF version of newsletters through 2019.

In 2020 we changed to monthly e-newsletters that are mailed to

all our subscribers - please sign up!

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Here are our E-issues if you'd like to browse through them!


INTERNSHIPS AT HORSE WARRIORS™ are part of our commitment to “Training the Trainers.” They are 5-6 month residencies, with interns helping teach and maintain the many different Horse Warriors™ programs. They are inspirational, highly educational, and most of all, FUN! They include curriculum design, fundraising, PR events, gymkhanas, backcountry journaling and art, LOTS of riding, riding, riding! They give interns a real-life, insider view of how to run and sustain a successful equine therapy program. Applications are accepted January 1 - April 15.

"My time at Horse Warriors™ was a blast to say the least - to say I learned from my time in Wyoming is an understatement. Experiencing the beautiful backcountry of Wyoming and Idaho was beyond incredible. However, the best part of the summer, by far, was gaining a whole new family. This included both two-footed and four-footed beings. Priscilla, Tony, and all their four-footed friends took me in and made me feel at home. I also made many wonderful friends among those involved in program. I gained so much knowledge from program staff, students, Tony, the program horses, and even the dogs, but the greatest teacher of them all was Priscilla. She taught me to be a better horsewoman, teacher, and mentor. I learned to find joy in the smallest things after a long day of program, to embrace and laugh at my own failures, and to appreciate everything in this world that we live in. She always led by example, and I am honored to have been under her mentorship. I am so glad I decided to complete my internship at Horse Warriors™. It was one of the best

decisions I have ever made."

- Sarah Worcester, Intern

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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND AT HORSE WARRIORS™! Many of these involve working with kids and horses in our arena sessions. We have an extensive training for our volunteer staff every spring, which includes theory and best practices for working with our horses and our particular student population. Our arena volunteers often assist us with conditioning and caring for the horses year-round. We also have volunteers who help with academic tutoring, discussion groups, community service projects and fundraising. Come join our team!

"When a friend of mine suggested volunteering for the Horse Warriors™ Program, little did I know what a unique adventure I was about to embark upon. Being a former teacher, I was excited to work

with kids again. Horses have always been an integral part of my life.

What better combination than kids and horses?


The first thing I noticed was the almost immediate connection the kids made with their horses.Who says instant gratification does not exist? They began forming close relationships with their horses,

and from the reaction of the horses, the affection was mutual.


I saw insurmountable growth over the course of the three months I participated with the program.

I observed young riders gradually build up their self-confidence through the successes

and challenges of communicating with their horses and each other.  They learned to

build trust between themselves and their horses via ground games and trail riding.

I also saw a tremendous increase of self-awareness within each student.

This was huge because they were able to share their new-found awareness

with volunteers, each other and most importantly family members."

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