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Donations provide 65% of the annual budget at Horse Warriors™. Along with $190,000 of in-kind support, donors help us help others through annual giving, funding for special projects, and scholarship funds.


How can your donations help?


  • $100 = 1 week of gas for transporting horses and students during program time

  • $250 = 1 ton of supplemental pellet feed for our senior horses

  • $300 = Summer shoeing for 1 of our trail horses

  • $400 = Gymkhana sponsorship: ribbons, prizes, food, annual achievement awards

  • $500 = 2 partial scholarships for Power Ponies™ or Mighty Mustangs™ riders (age 6-11)

  • $1000 = 2 partial scholarships for Horse Warriors™ riders (age 12-18)

  • $2500 = 9 tons of hay for winter (we use 65-70 tons per year)

  • $5000 = Annual care for 3 program horses

  • $10,000 = Stipend for 2 summer internships

  • $20,000 = Part-time staff position

Horse donations


Many of our program horses have been donated to us, or are on a long-term lease. We need sound, safe horses who are willing to connect with humans. Because much of our time is spent in the mountains, we need horses who are able to go all day in the backcountry, cross water, be mannerly in a line of riders and calm in the trailer. As our herd ages up, we are always looking for suitable replacements for the old horses who retire into our ground-only programs. If you have or know of a suitable prospect, please contact our staff to schedule a visit. We have a 30-day trial period to see if it will be a comfortable, safe fit for both Horse Warriors™ and the prospective donation.

PHOTO: This is Spirit, one of our donated horses.

We would love your support. Please use this button to donate to Horse Warriors™ via PayPal, or pay tuition for a course (also accepts all major credit and debit cards)

You can also make a donation or pay tuition through Venmo: @horsewarriors

Tuition for 2023 Programs

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