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Corporate • Organizational • Relationship Enhancement • Education



Horse Warriors™ serves groups up to 12 people with leadership activities, relationship building, staff development and rejuvenation, all based in having FUN! Horses are excellent partners on the ground, under saddle, and out in their free roaming herd. Our herd members are all friendly, people-oriented teachers who are responsive, clear communicators. Whether your group needs a new vision, practice in presence, or some out-of-the-office down time, a day at the Diamondfly with the beautiful Horse Warriors™ herd can fill the bill!


Staff turnover, program changes, workplace dynamics and personalities all affect job performance and organizational stability. If your team could use a new perspective, some support for transitions, or a “thank you for your hard work,” we can provide an enjoyable, unforgettable and positive experience to help your give your business team a boost.

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Sometimes even the best partnerships wear a little thin. We can take those we are closest to, or work with regularly, for granted sometimes, and that can lead to problems. Come join us for some inspiring and challenging activities to rekindle some creative spark. You’ll end the day feeling noticed, appreciated, and grateful – and best of all, you’ll smell like a horse!


Horses are some of the best teachers. Many of their interactions are applicable to ones we have with our peers, students and partners. Teachers enjoy our day programs, and are inspired to take the lessons they learn from the horses back into the classroom or staff retreats. Our education programs are perfect for teacher in-service days and pre-school-year team building. We also provide programs for teachers who would like to bring students to the ranch to work with the horses.



(Horses of the Goddess™)

Residential programs for people interested in developing their EAAT skills (Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies) are offered annually at our Diamondfly Ranch facility in Thayne, WY. They are intensive trainings that include daily fun, curriculum design, equine facilitated learning skills, equine facilitated psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, arts inclusion, equine behavior, arena and trail riding, excellent food, and LOTS of hands-on horse time. Both mounted and un-mounted activities are included.

"I loved every single moment of the experience. As a lifetime horsewoman, I so appreciated the mounted part of the week, especially the day long trip into the mountains. The horses were superb and the instruction was unbeatable. The art, writing and verbal experience was equally powerful. The staff is outstanding. This was a life granting experience. It changed my own teaching. It challenged me to look at horses differently and with ever more honor & respect.  Words fail to describe the experience. I recommend it without reservation ... I cannot wait to come back "home" to the Horses of the Goddess™, Priscilla Marden, her delightful staff and her herd of awesome horses. Hurry up and sign up for an experience of a lifetime." - Isabella (Boo) Martin, Founder of Horse Power and Co-Founder of EFMHA, Temple, NH


“All concepts and skills were taught in a way that was easy for me to absorb - it especially seemed extremely effective considering the diversity of learners.”


“Completely met my needs and expectations. The amount of thought, care and skill that went into the planning was clearly manifested.”


“Excellent! Nice balance between horsemanship theory and practice and hands on facilitation.”


“Understanding what the role entails as an equine specialist, and what it means to “speak for the horse.” I “got it” after the first role play.”


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Programs for Women Who Love Horses!

These programs are 3-day horse adventures for women of any riding ability. They are full of camaraderie and celebration of the joy horses bring to our lives. Play, relax, draw, ride and listen to the herd, and get a full on "Horse Fix!" Our horses love this class because they get so much love in return!

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Supporting People Healing from Cancer

Cancer Kickers™ is a free program supported solely by donations.

It's designed for people who would like to feel strong and capable again after their cancer treatments. It also supports their caregivers and families by providing fun activities for helping restore joy. Participants can work with horses in either mounted or unmounted activities, and can express their experiences through a variety of art and writing activities as well.


Saturday Superheroes is specifically for participants healing from breast cancer, and occurs throughout the summer. Participants can come once or every session. Course content is flexible and supports individuals at all stages of recovery.

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