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Old Bill's Fun Run 2023

Horse Warriors™ is for Everyone!

  • Youth ages 6-18

  • Families

  • Women in Transition

  • Cancer Survivors    and their Caregivers

  • Equine Professionals

  • Home School activities

  • Corporate and Organizational Retreats

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Old Bill's Fun Run is a community-wide fundraiser that supports the work of our local non-profits. Donations from you are matched at a percentage, most often 50% or more. Horse Warriors™ receives 100% of your donation, and the extra match monies are provided by businesses and private donors.

For Horse Warriors™, this event provides nearly half of our annual budget. Whereas most grants support specific projects, this event is designed to help non-profits with their often-difficult-to-raise general operating funds.

Please help us keep our programs affordable to anyone who needs them!

Thank you!

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