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Making the World a Better Place, One Relationship at a Time

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Horse Warriors™ is an innovative, equine facilitated Leadership and Empowerment program incorporating healthy relationship building, the arts, the outdoor classroom and year-round mentoring. Since 1998 we have offered fun-based, educational programs for youth, families, equine professionals and organizations from our beautiful location in northwest Wyoming.

Our Goals: 

• Make the world a better place, one relationship at a time by connecting people with horses


• Our programs are for anyone who wants to be a better version of him or herself


• To insure success, every program includes:

- Happy Horses

- An art component

- No bench warmers - everyone gets recognized!

- Reflection time/ Activity

- Trained Staff

- An encouraging environment


• Measured results include:

- Improved communication skills

- Increased self-confidence

- Healthier relationships

- Increased resilience

- Human/Animal connection

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If you’re between the ages of 6-90, we could be the program for you! We offer youth programs for kids ages 6-18, and adult programs for anyone over 18 who can safely work with our horse partners. Courses are held either in Jackson Hole or Star Valley, Wyoming, and range from year-round, sequential learning programs to half-day and day long workshops.

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Family Fun Days are the perfect way to practice communication skills through play and skill development. The horses are excellent teachers – clear, direct, and authentic - so all of the activities include partnering with our friendly herd members. Suitable for families with children age 6 and older, as well as for couples who would like to enhance their relationship.

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Art and writing are integral parts of all the programs at Horse Warriors™. Daily journal activities in the arena or out on the trail include instruction and practice in graphite pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink and watercolor. Instruction by professional artists is provided as part of the curriculum for both youth and adult participants.

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We are committed to the professionalism of the equine industry. We offer annual residential courses for those seeking to enhance their facilitation skills in the area of EAAT (Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies) at our Diamondfly Ranch facility in Star Valley, Wyoming. Courses are taught by certified equine and therapy professionals, and include delicious food!



Our Cancer Kickers™ and Saturday Superheroes™ programs are designed to help support people healing from cancer by restoring a sense of joy and empowerment through working with horses and creating art. They also include separate sessions for caregivers that recharge their "batteries" from caring for their loved ones.

I thank you for the opportunity for my daughter to participate in Horse Warriors™. This program has been thoughtfully organized to bring not only a rewarding experience to children, but to also create a challenge to adolescence. They take responsibility for changing not only their own behavior, but also their community through volunteerism. While my daughter struggles with how to balance this, Horse Warriors™ has not let her fail her commitment. It does not let her fail herself.

When I rode bareback, I experienced the forgotten familiarity of a "Beginner's Mind," where everything is new and different. I had all sorts of feelings during that ride - fear, nervousness, discomfort, excitement, a nagging feeling that I might fall. I want to congratulate each of the Power Ponies™ for your courage and fearlessness in the face of uncertainty. And I challenge each of their parents to remember their own bareback ride, and how their child demonstrates bravery every day of their lives as they go about "creating themselves."

 Power Ponies™ is about being partners with our children - not to always teach, but to also listen and learn from our children. For example, one morning the children led their horses into the arena. They learned to read and understand their horses’ body language, and then how to use small hand and body movements to move their horses (think “horse whisperer”). The parents then entered the arena and were taught the lessons by their children. My daughter was very proud of me when I learned the exercise with her help, and I was proud of us - success on so many levels! This is what we feel at Power Ponies™.

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Help us continue to provide our services by donating at the 2024 Old Bill's Fun Run. We appreciate your

continued support!

Our "DONATE" Button will be active in August 2024, when the campaign officially begins. This fundraiser is a huge benefit to our programs, especially because your donations are matched at a (variable annual) percentage.

Thank you for thinking of us!


Here's a short video from our students about their experiences in our programs. We hope  you enjoy hearing from them! We're sure proud of what they accomplish!

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