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Ranger's Journey: Sacks Outside

Today Ranger worked outside in the sun and did a great job with walking on the sacks and cardboard. I put the feed in the center of the cardboard since he kind of did a backpedal on that obstacle yesterday. Afterwards we walked back and forth through the sack alley with the cones 6 times and he followed along very calmly. He gets things pretty fast.

He got to experience someone coming into the barn unexpectedly, and in backing out he got his feet caught in the sacks. That didn't bother him at all and he came right back in. He got to watch someone move around scooping grain in a darker part of the barn, and he was really good about that. The more activity the better - he'll learn that lots goes on here all the time and it's all just fine! He's almost a pest now out in the field - comes up no matter who else I'm interacting with at the time - so he is learning about boundaries and sharing. He is still super sweet and is happy to be brushed at liberty out in the field.

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