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Ranger's Journey: Sacks and Cones

Well, today Ranger did super well eating with sacks and cones. It took him a couple of tries to be content "holding himself" in the barn and he meandered around the yard a little, but eventually he was good about staying inside on his own and eating his grain. While he eats he always gets groomed - that's the routine - and he really seems to like that. He is very proud of his tail.

Biscuit helped show him that you can walk on cardboard outside in the dooryard. Ranger isn't quite so sure of that yet but he was willing to bump it with his foot while I stood on it. Tomorrow we will do more with moving the obstacles outdoors if the weather is good. He watched me drag the cardboard around while leading Biscuit (who wanted to grab it in his mouth) and I hope that inspired him to think about it as a toy, not a terror. Tomorrow will be another day at Bravery School.

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