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Ranger's Journey: Cone Circles

Today was Ranger's "Breakfast at Stonehenge" - a great pagan tribute on this widely celebrated religious holiday that keeps the Peeps industry and earless chocolate bunnies (you've all seen the cartoon...) in business!

By now I've probably created a bunch of "Early Childhood Trauma Around Food" for Ranger. I apologize in advance. Despite our best efforts we are doomed to support the psychologists of the future through our children.

However, there is consistency: no matter what I concoct for Ranger there is always food, grooming and praise, and since he still follows me around like a chocolate colored shadow I think we're good. (I just love this horse!)

He was so willing and confident today that all we did was have breakfast in the circle (holding himself) and then he followed me back to the gate. On the way the rope fell off and got tangled around a hind foot so we practiced a little "ropes around the feet" exercises and got past that one as anything scary. He is so tolerant once he realizes it's just another Mom Trick.

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